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The Intellectual Property National Practice Area (NPA) covers disputes concerning matters such as patents, trade marks, copyright, designs, circuit layouts, plant breeder's rights and appeals from the Commissioner of Patents or Registrar of Trade Marks.

The Intellectual Property NPA consists of three Sub-areas:

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Latest Judgments

  • 21 Feb 2019: Re.Group Pty Ltd v Kazal (No 6) [2019] FCA 168
    COSTS - application for review of determination of registrar - whether lump sum costs determined by registrar should be reduced - where lump sum ordered by Court to be determined by registrar
    Judge: Perram J
  • 19 Feb 2019: Neurim Pharmaceuticals (1991) Ltd v Generic Partners Pty Ltd (No 2) [2019] FCA 154
    PATENTS - application by patentee to amend patent pursuant to s 105(1) of the Patents Act 1990 (Cth) - discretion - relevant considerations - where following grant patentee made amendments to claims of patent applications in other jurisdictions - relevance of such amendments - whether patentee knew or ought reasonably to have known that there was…
    Judge: Nicholas J
  • 11 Feb 2019: GM Global Technology Operations LLC v S.S.S. Auto Parts Pty Ltd [2019] FCA 97
    DESIGNS - importing, keeping for sale, offering to sell and selling replica parts for motor vehicles which embody designs that are identical to or substantially similar in overall impression to registered designs - claim for design infringement and the operation of the repair defence pursuant to s 72 of the Designs Act 2003 (Cth) - attribution of…
    Judge: Burley J

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Form & Rules

The key forms and rules for commencing proceedings in this NPA are:

  • Commencing patents, trade marks or copyright proceedings:
  • Commencing appeals from the Commissioner of Patents or Registrar of Trade Marks:
  • Form 92 - Notice of appeal (intellectual property)
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