Application Information

Your application will be assessed against the selection criteria outlined in the position documentation. You will need to read the document, and in your application describe how your skills and experience meet the specific criteria listed for the position.

Writing a statement of claims against each criteria

Some roles in the Court will specify that a written statement of claims addressing each selection criteria must be submitted as part of the application process and you should refer to the position documentation to clarify the requirements for the position you wish to apply.

For positions that have asked for a formal statement of claims against each criteria, this will require you to write a brief statement of claims that provides examples of your experience, how you have applied your skills in a situation or how you have contributed to the successful completion of a task or outcome relevant to each criteria.

Where to get help

For advice on addressing selection criteria and general advice on how to apply for APS positions please visit the APS jobs website - How to Join the APS and APSC – Cracking the Code.