Judges' Associates

Employment opportunities for law graduates

The Federal Court offers a number of associate positions each year. Associates are employed as part of the chambers staff of a particular judge. They provide legal research, in-court duties and other support for that judge.

Associate positions are generally not advertised, however some Judges of the Court provide information about the status of their recruitment, i.e. which year they are seeking associates for (often recruitment occurs 1-2 years in advance of the start date) and the specific requirements they may have for associates working in their chambers. Where such information exists, it can be found under the profile of the individual Judge. A list of Federal Court judges can be found under 'Judges of the Court'.

Associates are employed on a non-ongoing contract at the Federal Court Staff Level 5 for periods of approximately 12 months. In many registries, the associate roles commence early in the last term, although placements may commence at other times throughout the year in other registries.

The terms and conditions of employment for Associates are set out in the Court’s Enterprise Agreement.

How do I apply for an Associate position?

To apply for an associate position, please submit a cover letter addressed to the judge, your curriculum vitae and a copy of your academic transcript directly to the chambers of the judge or to the National Judicial Registrar & District Registrar in the appropriate registry. Contact details can be found under the Contact Us page.

Judges of the court conduct the processes associated with the recruitment of associates for their chambers.

Any queries regarding Associate placements should in the first instance be directed to the registry in which you are seeking a placement. Relevant enquiries will then be forwarded to chambers for response.

Please note that unlike other federal courts, associate placements in the Federal Court are not advertised in the APS Gazette.