Justice Murphy - Speeches & Papers

Navigating through the principles and practicalities of GCOs (Group Cost Orders), CFOs (Common Fund Orders) and NWNF (No Win No Fee)
Keynote speech at Commercial Law Association seminar - The evolving class actions landscape in Australia: Impacts of recent judgments, legislative reforms and international developments.
18 Mar 2022

Civil justice reforms in class actions and litigation funding
Paper delivered to the ALFA Class Action Litigation Funding Reform Conference by Justice Murphy.
26 Oct 2018

The First 25 Years: Has the Class Action Regime Hit the Mark on Access to Justice?
Chapter three of book entitled, "25 years of Class Actions in Australia".
03 Mar 2017

The problem of legal costs: lump sum costs orders in the Federal Court
Delivered to the National Costs Law Conference by Justice Murphy.
17 Feb 2017

Access to justice under the Part IVA regime
Keynote address at seminar "Class actions - current issues after 25 years of Part IVA", University of New South Wales by Justice Murphy.
23 Mar 2016

Class Actions and the National Court Framework
Presented at the legal leaders' briefing - Law Council of Australia, 7 December 2015 by Justice Murphy
07 Dec 2015

The operation of the Australian class action regime
Presented at the Bar Association of Queensland, the changing face of practice - adapting to the new landscape, by Justice Murphy
09 Mar 2013

Swearing in and welcome of the Honourable Justice Murphy
Transcript of proceedings of ceremonial sitting.
14 Jun 2011

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