Videos produced by the Federal Court of Australia and live streaming of hearings and other court events are available on the Court's YouTube channel.


Serving on a Federal Court Jury

Serving on a Federal Court JuryJury service is one of the most important rights and responsibilities that we have as members of the Australian community. Juries are used in all criminal trials in the Federal Court. A jury is made up of people chosen on a random basis from the general community. The jury is responsible for deciding whether or not the accused person is guilty.

This program (link to YouTube) shows how jury service works in the Federal Court.

Duration: 5:06 minutes | July 2019

Mediation in the Federal Court of Australia

The Federal Court of Australia has a high success rates in mediations.

A mediation is conducted around a table - not in a court room. An independent person - the mediator - helps the parties to identify and assess options so they can negotiate an end to their dispute.

Mediation in the Federal Court of Australia - link to YouTubeThis program (link to YouTube) shows in detail how mediation works and highlights the critical role played by the mediator.

Duration: 31:31 minutes | October 2014


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