Harmonised Corporations Rules Monitoring Committee

Harmonised rules exist in relation to the Corporations Law across all State and Federal jurisdictions. To ensure harmonisation is maintained, the Chief Justices of the relevant courts agreed that changes should be developed and implemented upon the advice of the Harmonised Corporations Rules Monitoring Committee. The recommendations of this Committee are referred to the rules committee of each Court for consideration and, if agreed, implemented through the usual processes.

Role of the Committee

The committee was initially established to produce harmonised rules and forms in each jurisdiction dealing with the winding up of companies and proceedings under the Corporations Law generally. The rules used in the Federal Court are known as the Federal Court (Corporations) Rules 2000 and each state and territory has its own complementary rules of court.

The role of the committee now is to monitor the operation of the rules in each jurisdiction and to identify the need for any rule amendments in response to any legislative or procedural changes that might occur.

The Committee consults with each court, the Law Council of Australia, local law societies and bar associations and other interested bodies.


The committee is made up of a judge of each State and Territory Supreme Court and a judge of the Federal Court of Australia. The members of the Committee are:

  • Emmett J, (NSW), Convenor
  • Perram J (Federal Court of Australia)
  • Refshauge J (ACT)
  • Brereton J (NSW)
  • Robson J (Vic)
  • Douglas J (Qld)
  • Blue J (SA)
  • Holt AJ (Tas)
  • Le Miere J (WA)
  • Master Luppino (NT)
  • Professor Reinhardt (Australian Institute of Judicial Administration)

The Committee meets on an ad hoc basis, as required.

Any comments or suggestions in relation to the Harmonised Rules may be sent to:

Scott Tredwell
Principal Registry
Federal Court of Australia
119 North Quay
Brisbane QLD 4000

Or emailScott.Tredwell@fedcourt.gov.au


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