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The Commercial and Corporations National Practice Area (NPA) covers commercial and corporations disputes within federal jurisdiction.

This NPA consists of six Sub-areas and each has a dedicated webpage for specific information about proceedings in those Sub-areas:

Latest Judgments

  • 28 May 2024: Quach v McIntyre [2024] FCA 564
    PRACTICE AND PROCEDURE - application for summary dismissal - whether applicant has no reasonable prospect of successfully prosecuting a proceeding alleging cartel conduct against two individuals - no reasonable prospects of success - application for summary dismissed granted PRACTICE AND PROCEDURE - application for recusal - where docket judge…
    Judge: Thawley J
  • 28 May 2024: Department of Employment and Workplace Relations v Howell, in the matter of Castel Electronics Pty Ltd [2024] FCA 566
    CORPORATIONS - Personal Property Securities Act - s 340 meaning of circulating asset - whether amounts recovered by receivers and managers comprised circulating assets - application of s 433 of the Corporations Act - whether an account arises from providing services in the ordinary course of a business providing services of that kind - whether…
    Judge: McElwaine J
  • 27 May 2024: Singtel Optus Pty Ltd v Robertson [2024] FCAFC 58
    PRIVILEGE - legal professional privilege - third party report - investigation into cyber-attack - whether the report was created for the dominant purpose of legal advice - multiple purposes for commissioning report - unchallenged evidence - adverse inference - failure to adduce specific and focused evidence - time for assessing dominant purpose…
    Judge: Murphy, Anderson and Neskovcin JJ

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Form & Rules


Specific forms, rules and other information applicable to each of the Sub-areas are set out on the individual Sub-area webpages.


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