Practice Notes

Central Practice NoteDate 
Central Practice Note: National Court Framework and Case Management (CPN-1)

10 Aug 2022
National Practice Area (NPA) and Sub-area Practice NotesDate 
Administrative and Constitutional Law and Human Rights (ACLHR-1)20 Dec 2019
Admiralty and Maritime (A&M-1)20 Dec 2019
Commercial and Corporations (C&C-1)9 Nov 2022
Commercial Arbitration Practice Note (CA-1)21 Dec 2021
Defamation (DEF-1)12 Nov 2019
Employment and Industrial Relations (E&IR-1)20 Dec 2019
Federal Crime and Related Proceedings (CRIME1)15 May 2017
General and Personal Insolvency Sub-area Practice Note (GPI-1)5 Jul 2022
Intellectual Property (IP-1)20 Dec 2019
Migration (MIG-1)7 Mar 2022
Migration - Removal from Australia of Immigration Detainees who have Proceedings before the Court (MIG-2)7 Mar 2022
Native Title (NT-1)25 Oct 2016
Taxation (TAX-1)20 Dec 2019
General Practice Notes (GPN)Date 
Access to Documents and Transcripts (GPN-ACCS)10 Feb 2023
Class Actions (GPN-CA)20 Dec 2019
Consent Orders involving a Federal Tribunal (GPN-TRIB) 25 Oct 2016
Costs (GPN-COSTS)25 Oct 2016
Cross-Border Insolvency: Cooperation With Foreign Courts or Foreign Representatives (GPN-XBDR)31 Jan 2020
eBooks (GPN-eBOOKS)17 Aug 2022
Enforcement, Endorsement and Contempt (GPN-ENF)25 Oct 2016
Expert Evidence (GPN-EXPT)25 Oct 2016
Foreign Judgments (GPN-FRGN)25 Oct 2016
Freezing Orders (GPN-FRZG)25 Oct 2016
Interest on Judgments (GPN-INT)18 Sep 2017
Lists of Authorities and Citations (GPN-AUTH)21 Sep 2022
Overseas Service and Evidence (GPN-OSE)25 Oct 2016
Referee and Assessor (GPN-REF)3 Nov 2022
Search Orders (GPN-SRCH)25 Oct 2016
Subpoenas and Notices to Produce (GPN-SUBP)25 Oct 2016
Survey Evidence (GPN-SURV)25 Oct 2016
Technology and the Court (GPN-TECH)25 Oct 2016
Usual Undertaking as to Damages (GPN-UNDR)
25 Oct 2016
Appeals Practice Notes (APN)Date 
Practice Information Note APP 1: Case management of Full Court and appellate matters (APP 1)

17 Nov 2020
Practice Note APP 2: Content of appeal books and preparation for hearing (APP 2) reissued

17 Aug 2022

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