Legal Practitioners' Scale of Costs

25 June 2018

The High Court, Federal Court, Family Court and Federal Circuit Court have established a Joint Costs Advisory Committee (JCAC) to inquire into, and to make recommendations on, any variations in the quantum of costs (including expenses and fees for witnesses) allowable to legal practitioners which should be contained in the scales of costs in the:

High Court Rules
Federal Court Rules
Family Law Rules
Federal Circuit Court Rules

These scales are used to determine the amount payable where one party must pay the legal costs of another party to a proceeding.

Interested persons and organisations are invited to submit in writing any views on changes to the scales of costs they wish to have considered by JCAC.

Submissions (which will be available to the public unless deemed confidential by JCAC) should be sent to:

Joint Costs Advisory Committee
c/- Federal Court of Australia
Level 16
Law Courts Building
Queens Square
Phone: 02 9230 8341

The deadline for submissions is 31 July 2018.